Starting from zero got nothing to lose

I didn't have anywhere to call 'home', so I moved to the coast so my dog and I could see the sea every day.

Becoming single

I'm not looking for a romantic relationship. I've had all forms of such, including long-term, and I'm ready to become myself, by myself.


It's not about having less, it's about having more quality things and experiences. I refuse to feel inadequate with my 'old phone'.

Daily practice

I'm learning what works on a daily basis, and designing my daily activities around what works for me.

Never alone with a dog

This is a blogsite about being a singleton, about becoming myself, and living alone without being lonely. I'm fortunate to have a dog!


Me, myself, and I

I'm still in pain and will make a lot of mistakes, but eventually I'll name myself and introduce myself properly.



Animal companion

Six years old and still a puppy, they've got boundless energy. They make sure I leave the house when my anxiety is telling me to stay in.

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Living a simple, low-cost, low-income life, working from home means I'm keen to work with and for people who need digital services.

Writing, copywriting, editing

Beyond my personal journey to simple living, I currently work within the business world, focused on employee / enterprise technology. I can help you with content for your website, blog, or social networks.

Blogsite launch

Blogsite launch

I help individuals and small organisations with small budgets redesign or launch their websites and blogs. If you want your own space on the web but don't have the time to learn about hosting, domain names, and installation, contact me for a modest quote.

Collaborative mentoring

Collaborative mentoring

It's all about making connections and working together to create the life you want. For a very modest regular fee, I will coach you to plan and achieve your goals, considering fitness, emotional health, business and work, clear thinking, and better living.

  • Wooden posts on the beach, framing the sunset.
  • Clouds.
  • Two interesting pebbles.
  • Groins in the sea.
  • Dog jumping.


No furniture

To state what I own outright is quite hard. We bought everything together. I think it’s obvious that the few things I already had are mine, and the several things they inherited or already had Read more…

Leaving a dog

As I consider how to leave my long-term relationship, there’s another one that I will lose. Our little dog is around ten years old. We researched all the breeds together and once we knew enough Read more…

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