Letting go of my fifteen-plus year relationship and moving to a completely new area of the country terrifies me. But I have to grow from all this pain and change.

I’m choosing to embrace the ‘fresh start’ and confront the habits and thought-cycles that have damaged my happiness in past years.

As I enter the middle-age of my life, I’m conscious of my fears, biases, and behaviour patterns. I want to adopt new ways of living, and simplify my days without reducing my ambitions.

I mean to be ‘single’ for a long while. I’m planning a small house for my sanctuary and it’s for me and my dog alone. I need to become myself, by myself.

This website is to help me figure out how to become a whole person, to share my progress, and to talk with you about what works and what doesn’t work so well.

Simplifying my life means having better friendships with everyone, having fewer possessions to clutter my space and mind, adopting a healthy regime of thoughts and actions, and avoiding slumping into darkness, depression, or irrelevancy.