As I consider how to leave my long-term relationship, there’s another one that I will lose.

Our little dog is around ten years old. We researched all the breeds together and once we knew enough about the necessary care, found a local home-breeder.

The pup was a little older than some people might expect, and they were confident and curious. I remember the breeder warning me that they might be confused or upset by leaving mum, and by our car. But they were thrilled in the car and enjoyed all the sensations.

They grew up to be an independently-minded, loving, trusting, trusted dog.

Here I am, working out how to develop my new life without them. Thankfully, I will have our younger dog with me. They’re somewhat more rascally, boisterous, and clumsy, but loving and in need of a lot of attention. My desire to live somewhere quiet or beautiful, and hopefully on the coast will work well for them and their long legs.

Having a dog changed our lives; we left the house more, we chose not to go abroad for holidays (instead, taking the dog with us around the UK), and caring for them brought structure to our days.

I shall miss my little dog terribly. I’m spending more time with them right now. I can’t believe I won’t see them grow old, be with them when they die.

My younger dog will be a great companion in my new little house. I’m having to look for a house with a secure garden of course, and I suppose that means I’m paying a premium. But I want a garden don’t I? They’ll keep me company, and keep my day structure, and ensure I get out of the house and explore the locale – hopefully the beach and coast if I’m lucky enough to find affordable housing.

I suspect my older dog will feel OK about losing me. They’re very sensible, and adapt well to change. My younger dog, that I’m taking, will likely be very exciting about the change and the new environs, but I expect they will miss my ex. My ex is stricter than me, and so our young dog has a lot of respect for them, and values their attention and love.

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