To state what I own outright is quite hard. We bought everything together. I think it’s obvious that the few things I already had are mine, and the several things they inherited or already had are theirs.

I think I’ve personally got a dodgy sofa-bed, a nice chest, a cheap chest, a lovely chest (just realised I own three chest-like items), and 500 books and no bookshelves.

Everything else was shared, and I’m not in the mood to start taking furniture from them.

My plan is to own only a few pieces of furniture, but to appreciate and value each piece.

What furniture I need

Each ‘need’ can be challenged, and I need to think carefully as putting a deposit down for a new mortgage means I have limited means. I’m trying to think about my lifestyle, the likely rooms / living spaces of my potential new house.

Bed -I would like a super king size solid wood bed, preferably with head and foot boards, that either offers storage or allows for underneath storage. The assumption I must challenge is that such a large wooden bed must cost £500 with a similarly priced mattress.

A double futon (not super size) could be just £230.

Desk -Working from home, I need a decent desk so I can avoid RSI, back pain, and be comfortable and focused when working on my computer. I realise I can work away-from-desk on my little laptop, but it’s too small to get tough work done on, I need my big desktop and a desk to anchor my work. I would like an solid wood desk for stability. I can’t afford for my dog or me to bump my desk and tip over my screen.

It’s vital that the height of the keyboard is appropriate when I’m sitting on a kneeling chair, to avoid RSI. A good solid desk, that I love the look and feel of, might cost between £200 and £400.

Kneeling chair / desk chair -I’m used to a kneeling chair and it’s fantastic for my posture. A fine kneeling chair might be £120, with the likelihood that I’ll want it re-cushioned in the next five years.

Washing machine -Houses in the UK usually come with an oven and often come with a washing machine, but not always. A washer might cost £230.

Fridgefreezer -Houses in the UK don’t always come with a fridgefreezer unless they’re new-builds or refurbished to prioritise the kitchen by a developer. A fridgefreezer might cost £200 – if I want to truly appreciate it, as I do for all my possessions, it might cost a little more.

Sofa -This is the big one; I want a beautiful, cosy couch to sink into with my dog. I could be ‘sensible’ and get a gorgeous sofabed for £450, or I could get the massive corner sofa with bed with chaise lounge that I so desired for £1300.

On the one hand, I own an uncomfortable sofa bed already, so this is an expense that’s not needed, or can be postponed.

On the other hand, a beautiful sofa would ground me, giving me and my dog a sanctuary away from my desk. The emotional value of this cannot be dismissed consider the loss of my long-term relationship, and the hugh upheaval of moving to a new area of the country.

If getting a mortgage clears me out, financially, then the sofa (and even the bed!) will have to be delayed and I’ll have to cope with my existing sofabed alone.

That’s it

I may want bookcases, a comfy chair, rugs, and side tables, but they can all wait. I only need a bed, a desk, a chair, and kitchen appliances and it would be great to have a big sofa.

I can decide on new furniture in the months and years after securing my new mortgage and new home.


I'm just getting to know what I want and what I don't.