Now that I’m in my new town on the coast, I walk tedog on the beach twice a day. After half-a-coffee and a bowl of kibble, we’re on the beach by half seven.

Starting the day by the sea instead of starting work straight away is great for my health. I feel like my day is mine, that I don’t simply work until nightfall. My dog is happier than ever I’m sure. Although he may miss his brother-dog and other human, he’s with me most minutes of the day and is just thrilled to get out on the beach to meet people and dogs before and after the work day.

Every day on the beach is different; there’s always something to note or investigate. I see shale rocks that have survived 100 million years crumble under foot; sea rocket thriving between pebbles; unique patina in the sand after rainfall; and several seabirds that I have yet to identify.

My dog runs up to people and pooches, and I cross my fingers that he won’t jump up on anyone when he’s wet. He likes throwing himself at people with the expectation of strokes, and he likes quietly introducing himself to smaller dogs. He’s slightly intimidated by larger dogs, and I expect to see him grow in confidence over the months ahead.

I’m hitting over 10,000 steps per day just dog walking. I’ve seeing the sunrise, the light, the open skies and of course the expanse of the ocean. I get to talk to dog walkers about their dogs, and I’ve found that people will talk at length about their previous dog. Grief runs long and deep. I’m happy to listen. I very much like when people like my dog – the can’t believe he’s a full adult, and many comment on his puppyish attitude.

Being out of the house two or three times a day is so good for me.


I'm just getting to know what I want and what I don't.


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